120+ Positive Reviews in First Month of Opening at Chaddy!

Reviews on OMI

As seen on Channel 7, FoxFM and TVB Hong Kong, OMI is disrupting the shopping centre dining experience AND for good reason!!

Within a month of opening, we've had over 150+ influencers and customers rave about our menu, including Zomato's Top 5 Food Reviewers!


Australia's Top TV News Channel -
- 7 News -

OMI on 7 news - 1
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Hong Kong’s Most Influential Financial Channel
- TVB Hong Kong 无线电视财经资讯台 - 

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Australia's Top Radio Station
- Fox FM - 



Zomato's #1 Top Reviewer in Melbourne

- Good Food Good Mood - 

Zomato Good FOod Good MOod - 1.jpg

" You can absolutely taste the difference in their high quality ingredients and perfect cooking techniques. .... The flavours are also absolutely second to none.... far above my expectations..."

Zomato's #2 Top Reviewer in Melbourne

- ESPY Eats - 

ZOmato ESPY Eats OMI Wagyu.jpg

"This stunning salted egg yolk salmon bowl from @omiaustralia sets the standards high."

Zomato's #4 Top Reviewer in Melbourne

- Flying Forward - 

Zomato Flying Forward.jpg

"Omi is an excellent concept and is perfect for the modern Australian diner – it’s fusion, instagrammable, relatively healthy, celebrates Australian produce and also importantly at an accessible price point"


ieatblog Omi Wagyu.jpg

"... it was still as super delicious as the first time...This is one bowl of delicious that I'm going to be eating again. "


onetwo_eat omi wagyu

"Salted Duck Egg Salmon. A bowl packed with goodness. What a clever combination. To me this is happiness in a bowl"


Customer: Definitely hit the spot! Absolutely delish!

"Amazing wagyu beef bowls.... Definitely hit the spot!"


Teresa Omi Wagyu Bowl

"I’m generally not a rice lover, but I’d happily order this Signature Wagyu Beef rice bowl from @omiaustralia every day. Beef is super tender and everything just goes so well together. Winner!"


foodiefliesmelbourne Omi Wagyu

"Seriously stellar Japanese at @omiaustralia ... "


OMI Salted Egg Fries

"Salted egg chips from @omiaustralia was sooooo good..."


Daily Food News OMI Wagyu

"@omiaustralia has delivered one of the finest Wagyu beef bowls we've ever tried!"


Tasia & Gracia Omi Wagyu Bowl

"...definitely took Japanese fusion to a whole new level..."


eatplayshop omi wagyu bowl

"Food court food needs to be THIS level awesome! "


Foogasm OMI Salted Egg Karaage Chicken

"This Salted Egg Karaage Chicken is the perfect example of "foodgasm" 😍 Loveeeee the crunchiness of the chicken drenched in that salted egg sauce!... 100 100 100..." 


1. Escort & Thief.jpg

"Delicious Salmon with Mentaiko Rice Bowl @omiaustralia such a delicious and satisfying dish that’s perfect when you’re taking a break from shopping 👍 . . . . . . . . "


Foodie Files Melbourne OMi Wagyu

"Seriously stellar Japanese at @omiaustralia..."


Joleen Ong Omi Wagyu

"@omiaustralia's wagyu beef bowl was so good!!!"


Melbourne Critic OMI Wagyu

"... something seriously satisfying!..."


Mochi Omi Wagyu

"... felt like we were in a fancy restaurant while eating @omiaustralia 's signature wagyu dons!! dessert was og course, perfection! "


slim jim omi wagyu

"@omiaustralia has really stepped up the game with this wagyu beef... Best meal i've had in a while..."


suerreallis omi wagyu

"I happen to be one that loves every single element in that bowl... it's a rave party for my tastebuds..."


Taste with Xan

" The salmon don was exceptionally good, and the matcha creme brulee was perfect..."


Cheat Meal of Melbourne OMI Wagyu

"@omiaustralia premium wagyu bowls are so freaking good..."

Zomato Reviewer - Mustard

Zomato Mustard OMI Wagyu

"... this is some of the best food court food I've had in Melbourne... "


Daily Food News Omi wagyu

"We still ask ourselves why the f*** @omiaustralia is in a food court? Their food is way too good."


Fo0die OMI Wagyu

"We were ready to be disappointed just in case it was hyped up and how good can food court food be right? ... we were so WRONG..."


kri5sy omi wagyu

"Top-notch Japanese @omiaustralia"


OMI Wagyu

"Still thinking about the wagyu don I had at @omiaustralia..."


Munching Melbourne OMI Wagyu

"SAL-MONY options in Chaddy, but I will go with @omiaustralia"



"@omiaustralia wagyu bowls are the perfect meal to fuel you for hours of Xmas shopping!"

spooksnbubble omi wagyu

"... will definitely be coming back for more!..."


Taste with Xan OMI Wagyu

"Second visit to @omiaustralia was just as good or maybe even better!"


Yum Food Prints OMI Wagyu

"... I'll definitely be back for more wagyu and to test the rest of their bowls!..."

Zomato - Nini Foodie

Zomato Nini Omi Wagyu

"... high quality, delicious and authentic Japanese food..."