Discover a Franchise based on Perfection

From our premium ingredients to our premium store locations and designs, everything at OMI is about perfection.

We aim to provide our customers with premium dishes at affordable prices and we organise our business model to make everything easy for customers and for our store owners and their staff.

OMI is a franchise for astute entrepreneurs who seek not just strong financial returns but also take pride in their store and team.



Australian’s enjoy good food, good service, convenience and increasingly, premium products.

Australian consumers also continue to increase their average weekly spend in takeaway and dine in food, up by 7% in 2017/2018 compared to 2016/2017. In fact, more is spent per week now on fast food and takeaway food than on clothing.

Given these statistics relate to average spending, imagine what the increase is for food outlets in prime locations with strong brands and unique food offerings! This is a big market and it is continuing to grow overall but for the better food businesses, it is very strong.

So how do you select a business that is more likely to grow bigger and faster than the “below average” ones?

To have a successful food business that meets current day customer requirements, there are 5 things you need to ensure your food business has:

1.     A food menu with a point of difference

2.     Great location supported by great lease terms

3.     Efficient operational and staff model to maximise profits

4.     Reduced set up costs by accessing financial contributions from the landlord

5.     Ongoing marketing and business support to keep the business growing

Guess what? OMI has all of these.

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